Take a group tour of Herkkujuustola

At Herkkujuustola, you can take a guided tour to the world of cheeses. Come and taste our cheeses and see how we make them. You can also enjoy coffee, lunch or dinner of your choice.

Assemble a group package to your liking

From the options below, we can put together a package that suits your group. Please send enquiries and offer requests primarily by email to juustotupa@herkkujuustola.fi.


Herkkujuustola’s company presentation, stories about the history of our cheese dairy and life of our master cheesemaker.

The presentation is held in our restaurant, Juustotupa, whose windows provide a view of various parts of the cheese dairy.


Guided cheese tasting with or without wine.


Coffee or tea and a sweet or savoury pastry.


Lunch or dinner at Juustotupa.

Lunch of the day is served on weekdays between 10:30 and 14:00. The dinner menu is planned according to the group’s wishes.

Contact information

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 7-19 (kitchen 10.30-18.30)

Sat 10-21 (kitchen 11-20.30)

Sun 12-18 (kitchen 12-17.30)

Changes are possible.


Kurvosentie 3, 38420 Sastamala

050 471 6899 Juustotupa

050 364 8898 Cheese dairy



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