Restaurant and café – local Finnish food

We offer our guests local Finnish food and seasonal flavours with a cheesy twist.

In our café, you can enjoy small cheesy snacks or delicious pastries with coffee. You are warmly welcome to enjoy culinary experiences with us!

We serve lunch on weekdays at 10:30–14:00. Outside of lunch hours, the kitchen offers a bistro menu.

The kitchen is open Mon–Fri 10:30–17:30, Sat 11:00–20:30 and Sun 12:00–17:30.

You can make a table reservation for dinner by phone or email. Please note that a table reservation made by email will not be valid until we have confirmed it by replying.

For groups, we are flexible about opening hours, so feel free to ask!

Tel.: 050 471 6899 and email: juustotupa@herkkujuustola.fi

Contact information

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 7-19 (kitchen 10.30-18.30)

Sat 10-21 (kitchen 11-20.30)

Sun 12-18 (kitchen 12-17.30)

Changes are possible.


Kurvosentie 3, 38420 Sastamala

050 471 6899 Juustotupa

050 364 8898 Cheese dairy



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